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. has been in operation for more than 25 years! We are a complete solution company offering products in office supplies, office furniture, office equipment, printed forms, promotional products and packaging.  We are committed to delivering exceptional and unsurpassed service at competitive prices.

This on-line facility does not accept credit cards and is for registered users only for the purchase of general Office Supplies and basic Office Furniture. It does not include Office Equipment, Custom Printed Forms and Promotional Products.  We recommend discussing your needs for those products directly with our Business Development Consultants. We do have a separate on-line catalog for our Promotional Products located on the home page of our website (www.tops.bm).

We display on-hand quantities for your convenience. Make good use of favorite lists (My Favorites) to accumulate recurrent items. Always check with us for availability as shipments are constantly in transit. Every Monday afternoon, we will order your back-ordered items available through this catalog and deliver them to you in approximately 8 business days.  

Benefit from our powerful Advanced Search Facility using keywords or description of products. The system will compile your search results into a listing of comprehensive attributes to help you refine your search results into a manageable number of items simplifying your purchasing decision. One of the attributes is a GREEN category compiling all environmental friendly products from your search results.

Please call any of our Office Supplies Account Managers (Zina, Arretta, Stacey or Patrick) at 292-5500 for inquiries or demonstration.

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